The Lives of Congress

The Lives of Congress is a non-partisan, open-source website that uses public data to create personal profiles for each member of Congress. Composed of a series of graphics, the profiles visualize unconventional but public data, in order to help gain a better understanding of who these lawmakers are.The profiles currently include: economic sectors of their stocks and mutual funds, the favorability of their bills in the eyes of corporations and non-profits, and the locations and photographs of their real estate assets.

The graphics in the profiles are designed to be modular, so new ones can be easily added to create a more robust depiction of the member of Congress.

The Lives of Congress was developed as my thesis project at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program.

– May 2015
  • The finincial assets for Representative Darrell Issa

  • The finincial assets for Senator Ted Cruz

  • The finincial assets for Senator Bernie Sanders