The Mossack Fonseca Universe

The Mossack Fonseca Universe is the most comprehensive look at the network of relationships between the people and companies of the secretive offshore world. This interactive visualization allows viewers to explore connections between the entities that were revealed in the massive data leak known as the Panama Papers. Until now, we only partially knew how sprawling and labyrinthine the shadowy offshore economy actually is, where the true responsibility of a company is masked by a system of shell companies owning other shell companies, that in turn are shareholders in other companies, and so on. By linking these entities together, for the first time we are able to see the expansive structure of connections between these people and organizations. This is important for two main reasons. First, we are able to see which clients and shareholders are the most important connections in the network. Secondly, by mapping this network, we are able to see the structure of the very system people use to obscure responsibility.

– April 2016
  • The connections between the Companies, Clients, Shareholders, and Beneficiaries of the offshore network established by Mossack Fonseca

  • Animation showing the navigation of The Mossack Fonseca Universe.

  • Detail view of The Mossack Fonseca Universe.